domenica 9 luglio 2017

Hula Hoop evening

The last evening of Hula Hoop model was yesterday.
The Pigneto district asked to Hula Hop association to do an open door performance while some street poets acted their poetry.
It was a really good experience, we were sorrounded by visual and sonar stimulus.The model was inspired by "The fifth elements", she wore Milla Jovovich's costume.
The better thing was the possibility to create 360° sketches because the model posed in the centre of the square.
I love move around the model and sketch the same pose (10 mn poses) from many point of view!

domenica 18 giugno 2017

Hula Hoop evening

Thanks to friend, I found this nice club in Rome, "Hula Hop, that organizes artistic event as Milonga and Figure Drawing.
Is an association managed by artists and graphic designer who take care to promote music, painting, dance etc.
The model performed on 10 minute poses. For me it is too much time, so I enjoyed drawing the whole scene and the other sketchers!

domenica 23 aprile 2017

Botanic Garden in Zurich

The domes of Botanic Garden

There are three amazing domes in Zurich, with a lot of different succulentum, some of them stinks, some has a beautiful colorful flowers, some seems like a bottle of water with thorns, other grew up amazingly high in so few time!!
If you have the change to visit Zurich, go to this free museum!

The three domes have different ambient, with very humid or dry temperature.
It was a pleasure spent time inside during the cold spring.

Bogen Sport Zentrum in Zurich

I've been in Zurich for three weeks.
Bogen Sport Zentrum is one of my favourite shops, full of bizarre things like armors, wooden sculpture, Japanese bowls, cars and plane, Buddha statue, etc.
We was in searching of a place to shoot and Bogen Sport has an area for archers.
Kurt Nünlist is a world champion. The idea behind Bogen Sport was to create a place to teach and practice archery, there are not so many places in the city.
It is an indoor gym and, in the same time, a shop where you can find strange sculpture for all tastes!
You you will go in Zurich, keep an eye.
It was so funnny sketch inside!
The store is located near Binz, near the stop of S10. 

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017


 Hi all! I'm on Patreon! 
In this site I post suggestions and tips & tricks about the World of Sketch.
Do you want to practice and learn? Go in my Patreon and, if you want to support me and access to all the contents, be my Patron and have rewards!

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2016

LANCIANO, Alle Feste col Taccuino


News from Lanciano , Abruzzo, Italy where some artists sketched the city and the festival "La fiera del giocattolo".
It was very funny, thanks to my companions, thanks to Marco Pallini Palmar who treated us (and the event) with love and respect.
During "Fiera del giocattolo" traditions states that male buy artistic handmade bells for the female who buy in turn handmade wicker basket.

Lanciano is delicious, a little characteristic town where people live in the typical Italian way (all know each other, families have lunch together etc.).
In the beach you could find the Trabocchi, built in the past by agriculturists to fish, now converted in restaurants.